COVID-19 Update

To Our Classic Toyota Hampton Customers And Friends:

People throughout VA and indeed the entire world are concerned about the Covid-19/Coronavirus and how to carry on their daily lives during this health crisis. We share your concern here at Classic Toyota Hampton and are taking unprecedented steps to protect you, your family and our own Classic Toyota Hampton family.

We have always taken great pride in cleanliness and hygiene throughout each of our dealerships in every aspect of sales and service. With this new health concern, we have intensified our efforts to avoid the unnecessary spread of the virus throughout our stores. Some steps we have taken include:

  • Installation of hand sanitizer stations throughout our dealerships
  • Methodic use of disinfectant agents after servicing your vehicle
  • Regular sanitizing and cleaning throughout all public and restricted areas
  • Encouraged proper social distancing among staff and between staff and customers
  • Instructed any employees who are not feeling well to stay home
  • Made special arrangements to deliver vehicles for test drives to homes and places of employment
  • Maintaining regular business hours at all locations to serve you

Thank you for your business. We know that we could not have become VA’s largest automotive dealer group in just 20 years without your support. We will remain diligent in protecting you and our employees during this unusually difficult period. We trust it will be over soon and we can all resume our regular activities.

Stay well and stay safe.
Dennis Ellmer
President, Classic Toyota Hampton